Most Wanted Accessories for Stained Glass Grinders

Most stained glass hobbyists and crafters eventually find that they can’t get along without a stained glass grinder in their glass workshop. After exploring the many options for glass grinders on the market, many choose a mid-range glass grinder that offers the features they need most, but not the bells and whistles that come on the super-deluxe factory models of stained glass grinders. Many of them do come with little added extras – built-in eye shields, for example, or splash guards to keep water and glass grit confined to a small portion of the work surface. There are, however, many accessories and stained glass supplies a glass worker might want to add to their stained glass workshop.

Face Shields
A magnifying face shield or an eye shield is essential for working with glass grinders. Without eye protection, you risk getting glass fragments or dust in your eyes, which is not only uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. Entry level base models of glass grinders seldom come with an attached face shield, so it’s up to the user to don goggles, which are unwieldy, uncomfortable and can make it more difficult to see the details of what you’re doing. That’s why the first upgrade purchased by most users is a face shield. A magnifying face shield, such as the Inland MagnaShield, goes one better than the standard face shield because it’s made with a convex magnifying surface that allows you to get a good, close look at your work. It’s especially helpful for doing detail work on small glass pieces.

Splash Guards
Working with glass grinders can be messy, making a splash guard a necessity for safe, clean working. Few entry level glass grinders include a built-in splash guard, and most users get by with creating their own out of cardboard or plastic. An actual splash guard, such as the Inland Grinder Station, is designed to fit around any grinder and keep the overspray safely confined.

Specialty Bits
While an expert glasscutter can create nearly any shaping using standard bits, specialty bits for glass grinders can make it easy to create beveled edges and rippled surfaces, as well as to drill holes through glass beads or glass pieces for jewelry work. In addition, a glassworker might want a variety of bits with different grits to work with different types of glass. An ultrafine grit bit, for example, makes it easy to work with the delicate glasses that require special handling to avoid chipping.

Glass grinders are the base of a fine glass hobby workshop, but when you add the most wanted accessories to your stained glass supplies and workshop, you can really take your hobby work to the next level.

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