Stained Glass Tools & Supplies

Stained Glass Supplies - Glass Cutting & Shaping Tools

The Grinder Shop has experience working with all kinds of stained glass supplies. We have glass cutting and shaping tools and accessories to help artists and enthusiasts improve their glass craft. Whether just you’re just getting into glass art or you have been doing it for years, we have all the stained glass supplies needed to create beautiful works. Many of our glass tools come from well-known and respected brands like Gemini, Glastar, Gryphon, Aaranku Twofers, Taurus, Inland and Diamond Tech. We have worked with many off these brands glass tools and offer them for their high quality and usefulness creating exquisite glass art. Our wide range of stained glass supplies include, glass grinders, grinder bits, belts and pads, glass saws and blades, bottle cutting kits, kilns and hot glass.

Glass Tools Simplify Cutting & Shaping Glass

Glass tools, like grinders and saws, make cutting and shaping glass a simple and safer. Glass grinders help improve the fits of your glass cuts by shaping, making cleaner edges and adding finer details to your art work. Using a glass saw, like a band saw or ring saw, can make cutting thick, fused glass, rippled glass or hard objects easy. Glass saws work for cutting all kinds of glass including delicate glass including dichroic. All of our stained glass supplies and glass tools have been chosen because of their high-quality attributes. We strive to give artists and enthusiasts everything they need to easily create striking glass art.

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