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Glass Grinders & Stained Glass Grinders

The Grinder Shop carries a full line of one of the most essential tools in every glass workshop - the glass grinder!

Glass grinders are used to precision shape and polish the edges of glass pieces. After a piece of glass has been rough cut by glass cutting and shaped with grozing pliers, the glass grinder is the simplest way to shape the glass into specific sizes. In old-world stained glass work, stones were used to shape and polish glass pieces for final fit into a pattern. Today, professional artisans and hobbyists use grinders. While it is certainly possible to construct even a large intricate project by hand, a stained glass grinder simply makes this process easier and quicker. Specialty jewelry bits, ripple bits, bead bits and core drill bits allow artists to shape glass pieces, beads, and pendants into special shapes for a variety of uses. We offer a range of glass grinder models like Glastar's pro star grinder and many more from several leading manufacturers. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We invite you to browse our selection below and if you have any questions about which diamond grinder will best suit your needs, contact us anytime. We’re happy to help!

Diamond Max Elite 2 In 1 GrinderDiamond Max Elite 2 In 1 Grinder
Diamond Max Elite Deluxe 2 in 1 GrinderDiamond Max Elite Deluxe 2 in 1 Grinder
Gryphon Gryphette GrinderGryphon Gryphette Grinder
Gryphon Studio GrinderGryphon Studio Grinder
Inland SUPERWIZ Grinder PackInland SUPERWIZ Grinder Pack
Inland Wiz CG™ GrinderInland Wiz CG™ Grinder
Inland Wizard IV™ GrinderInland Wizard IV™ Grinder
Inland Wizling CG™ GrinderInland Wizling CG™ Grinder
Studio Pro Deluxe GrinderStudio Pro Deluxe Grinder
Studio Pro GrinderStudio Pro Grinder

At The Grinder Shop we love what we do - working with stained glass and other hard materials to make final products of which we can be proud. So whether you’re a professional artist or someone who dabbles in the arts as a hobby, you’ll find that - as a company - we understand your unique needs; which is why we’ve worked so diligently to provide you with an extensive selection of fine products. Whether you’re looking for a glass grinder or a lapidary saw, you’ll find the best of the best - in terms of selection, quality, and price - here at The Grinder Shop. We include only those products in our selection that meet our high quality standards; highly respected brands made by top manufacturers. We’ve made it easy to shop our products and when you order from us, your purchase will be shipped fast and securely right to your door.

We appreciate your business! Please feel free to contact us at anytime with questions about our products or for assistance with your order.

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