Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all of your items brand new with valid manufacturer warranties? Yes, all of our products are new-in-the-box items from legitimate wholesale distribtors and are completely covered by the manufacturers' warranties.

2. Do you ship outside the continental US? Yes, for shipping within the US (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) and to Canada simply select the appropriate State or Territory when entering your address on the check-out screen. For all other destinations, please contact us via e-mail or telephone for a shipping estimate.

3. How are your shipping charges calculated? The shipping calculator uses UPS standard shipping rates (based on package weight and location).  We drop-ship many of our products directly from our suppliers to our retail customers.  Although our suppliers receive discounted shipping rates from UPS, they also charge boxing (handling) fees which are about the same as the discount, so the standard shipping rates are reasonably accurate.  

4. What? Why don't you ship products directly to your customers and save us the handling fees? Drop-shipping directly from our suppliers saves the expense of "double shipping", that is shipping to us first and then re-shipping to our retail customers. The handling fee is small when compared to the actual shipping costs.  If we were to ship everything to ourselves first, then we would have to raise all of our prices to compensate for the extra shipping costs.  Drop-shipping, even with boxing (handling) fees, is often the lowest cost way to deliver our products to our customers.  

5. What can customers do to minimize shipping fees? Customers can minimize shipping fees by ordering multiple items at the same time so as to create one large shipment rather than several smaller ones.  If possible, customers can use a business address for the "ship to" address since UPS charges lower rates for deliveries to business addresses.  If you feel that your shipping charges are excessive, please contact us so that we can manually calculate the shipping charges and credit your order for any overages.

6. Which brand/model of glass grinders is best for me? Most manufacturers produce a range of grinder models from basic no-frills models to more expensive models with stronger motors and several optional add-on items.  Our simple advice to a new hobbyist is to select a model like the one that you learned on if you took a class, one that you are comfortable with. If you haven't worked with a grinder before or are not comfortable with the one from your instructor's classroom, then consider a mid-priced model that comes with a good package of included accessories, such as the Inland Wiz CG Value Pack or the Diamond Tech Power Max II Deluxe. Both of these machines have reliable components, are warranteed for five or six years, respectively, and include a faceshield for safety and both large and small grinder bits for a variety of grinding applications.

7. Will all grinder bits fit on all brands/models of grinders? Most of the rotary style grinders on our website are manufactured with standard 5/16" diameter shafts and all of the "standard" grinding heads will fit on any one of these machines. A few of the grinder manufacturers supply adapters to be used with some of their grinders along with their slip-on grinding heads.  These slip-on grinding heads are not universal fit, they only work with the brand/model grinder and the adapter which is included with the grinder.  That adapter can be removed, however, and a "standard" grinding head can be used with that grinder. 

8. Are payments made on your website safe and secure? Yes, credit card payments are processed by has been helping merchants accept online payments since 1996. They’re well known as one of the most secure solutions on the market.

9. My credit card has been charged, but my order still shows as "In Progress" on your tracking page.  What's going on here?  We recently changed our charging policy to charge when an order is placed rather than waiting until it is shipped.  This is because we have been scammed by several unscrupulous buyers that used fradulent credit cards or over-charged or closed their credit card accounts during the time between when we received their order and when we shipped then attempted to complete the transaction. We hope that our honorable customers will understand our predicament and accept this new policy.  We will, of course, immediately refund any order that is cancelled for any reason.

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