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Lapidary Grinders, Flat Lap & Disc Grinders

The Grinder Shop carries a full line of one of the essential tools in every lapidary workshop. Flat Lap and Disc grinders are used to shape and polish the precious stones. After a piece of stone has been rough cut by chipping or sawing, a grinder is the simplest way to shape the stone into specific sizes. In old world stone working, stones were used to shape and polish stone pieces. Today, professional artisans and hobbyists use grinders. While it is certainly possible to construct even a large intricate project by hand, lapidary grinders simply make this process easier and quicker. Specialty jewelry bits, ripple bits, bead bits and core drill bits allow artists to shape precious stone pieces, beads and pendants into special shapes for a variety of uses. We offer a range of grinder models like Glastar's B4 Studio Beveling System and many more from several leading manufacturers. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
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