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Aanraku TWOFERS 2 bit set - Bead Stacker bits

Aanraku TWOFERS 2 bit set - Bead Stacker bits
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Two Bits for the Price of One!

Aanraku® brings you Twofers - superior quality, low-cost grinding bits. Bead Stacker bits are used to shape the ends of your beads so they fit close together when strung. Use the Flat Topped bit to remove flanges and even out glass bead ends, allowing for more uniform stacking and aligning of beads. The Cone Topped bit slightly indents the bead hole ends to provide a better fit with jewelry spacers. No more wire or string showing on your finished projects!

Bits are designed to slip beads onto the shaft of the top of the bit which keeps the bead level and balanced while you grind. Both bits measure 3/4" tall, 3/32" in diameter. A great value, you get both Stacker Bits in one package! Diamond mesh grit is 220.
Bits fit most glass grinders. (Diamondtech StudioPro and Diamond Max grinders not compatible.)

  • Guaranteed Not To Peel
  • Diamond abrasive bonding surface is double plated for strength, dependability, and long life.
  • Superior quality and low cost give you a high value bit!
Manufacturer: Aaranku Glass Studios
Aaranku Code: GBSB
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