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Gemini Taurus R2 Bearings (pair)

Gemini Taurus R2 Bearings (pair)
Two R2 Bearings are needed for the Taurus 3's Blade Stabilizer Foot
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These R2 Bearings are assembled inside the Yellow Groove Grommets and the Red Gear Grommets on the Taurus II.2 and inside the red gear grommets on the Taurus 3's Blade Stabilizer Foot.  They should be replaced when worn to the point that they do not spin freely.

Replace the R2 Bearings by removing the screws and washers holding them inside the saw, then pop off the yellow or red grommets (as appropriate) and press them onto your new bearings.  The grommets have a larger hole on one side.  You'll want to use the larger hole to remove/replace the bearings and be sure to re-assemble the bearing/grommet assembly with the larger hole facing outwards.  In this way, the grommets won't "walk off" of your new bearings.  

Sold here as a pair, they are also available in a quantity of 10 (select below).

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