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Gryphon C-40 Custom (TALL) Diamond Band Saw

Gryphon C-40 Custom (TALL) Diamond Band Saw
C-40 Custom (TALL)rip cut liquor bottlecross cut liquor bottle
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The Gryphon C-40 Custom is one of the latest diamond band saw from Gryphon Corporation, the company that invented the whole concept of cutting glass with a band saw over thirty years ago. This new "TALL" line of saws have been equipped with 42" long stainless steel diamond coated blades.  The longer blade provides substantially more veritcal clearance than the original 37" blade used with the standard C-40 band saws.  You still get the same fast cutting and reliability provided by the original C-40 Diamond Band Saw.

Key Features:

  • 4-1/2" Maximum vertical clearance allows for cutting most wine bottles in one pass!
  • Impossible cuts, like scalloped and tapered edges are now possible!!!
  • INCLUDES one Stainless Steel 42" long diamond coated blade
  • Simple construction with few moving parts
  • High speed motor for fastest cutting available
  • Direct drive; no belts or pulleys to wear-out or snap
  • Powerful motor located on top, away from the water
  • Huge water reservoir under the work surface
  • One square foot of unobstructed work surface
  • Under table blade guide helps to keep the blade properly tracking on the wheels even when the upper blade guide is removed 
  • Full One Year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA!

Motor 1/3 hp Direct Drive DC
Voltage 110 or 220VAC
Frequency 50/60 hz
Current 1 amp at 110V; 5 amp at 220V
Motor Speed 2,200 rpm
Blade Speed 40 mph
Platform Area 12"x12"
Saw Height 19-5/8"
Throat Depth 5-1/4"
Throat Height 4-5/8" with upper blade guide installed
Maximum Throat Height 5-7/8" with upper blade guide removed
Coolant System Recirculating tap water
Coolant Reservoir 10"x9"
Tension Adjustment Single Knob - Semi-automatic
Blade Dimensions 42" circumference, 0.020" wide, 0.140" deep
Shipping Weight 20 lbs
Manufacturer Gryphon Corp.
Warranty 1 Year
Model C-40 Custom
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