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Glastar (B12) 12" Diamond Disc Grinder

Glastar (B12) 12" Diamond Disc Grinder
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When looking for an exceptional diamond grinder, you can’t go wrong with the Glastar Disc Grinder model B12, which offers the fastest and most economical way to grind glass or stone. Featuring a large 12" grinding surface and a powerful high-speed motor, this glass grinder pays for itself in a very short time. The B12 Disc Grinder is the only 12" lap that is direct drive. It does not rely on belts or pulleys. Instead, it employs a huge 3/4 HP motor that does not lose speed even during heavy continuous use.

This beveler is also available with a 1/3 HP variable speed motor, which makes it possible to keep the speed of the disc as slow as possible for polishing and yet stays above the minimum recommended grinding speed. Grinding at too slow of speed reduces diamond life and makes getting the work done take that much longer.

A magnetic holder holds the grinding and polishing pads in place, but takes only seconds to change out.

NOTE: This machine does not include any grinding discs or accessories, each must be purchased separately.

Key Features of the B12 Disc Diamond Grinder Are:

  • Magnetic Disc Holder
  • 3/4 HP Fixed Speed or 1/3 HP Variable Speed Motor (select below)
  • 115V or 230V Motor (select below)
  • Splash Guard
  • Adjustable Coolant System
  • Pump Receptacle
  • Rugged Construction
  • Available 70, 120, 220, 400 and 600 grit Diamond Grinding Pads (sold separately)
  • Available Diamond Resin and Polyester Felt Polishing Pads (sold separately)
  • Available Recirculating Water Pump (sold separately)
  • Available Cerium Oxide and EZ Grinder Coolant (sold separately)

NOTE: Not available since 10/2021

Base construction 3/16" steel plate
Body construction 3/16" molded polyethlene
Drive shaft: mounting magnetic hub with 1/2" centering pin
Drive shaft: rotation counter clockwise
Drive shaft: type direct drive
Electrical 115V - 50/60Hz - 8.8A
Electrical or 230V - 50/60Hz - 4.4A
Motor: power 3/4 HP Fixed Speed
Motor: power or 1/3 HP Variable Speed
Motor: type permanent split capacitor
Motor: bearings sealed ball bearings
Motor manufacturer Fasco
Speed at 50Hz 895 rpm
Speed at 60Hz 1,075 rpm
Maximum torque 70 oz.-ft.
Grinder style disk
Disk size 12" diameter
Overall dimensions 19" X 20 1/2" X 9 1/2" high including plumbing
Weight 36 lbs.
Manufacturer Glastar Corporation
Glastar Model # B12
Glastar Product # for fixed speed at 115V P33445
Glastar Product # for fixed speed at 230V P33446
Glastar Product # for variable speed at 115V P33506
Glastar Product # for variable speed at 230V P33507
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