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Glastar (B12) 12" Polyester Felt Polishing Pad

Glastar (B12) 12" Polyester Felt Polishing Pad
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12" Polyester Felt Pad for use with 12" Diamond Disc Grinder (B12)

Used on optical glass for some time, these polishing pads are relatively new to architectural glass. They are faster than wool felt for two reasons. They polish at a higher speed than wool, and they hold more cerium oxide per application.

The material is 0.150" thick (slightly over 1/8") and is mounted on a flexible backing. A pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied to the backing. When the pad is worn, peel it off the mounting disc and replace with a new one.

The polyester fiber will operate at twice the speed of wool without overheating the glass, and it has a much longer life than the same thickness of wool.

Each pad requires a 12" Blank Steel Disc for attachment to the magnetic holder on the machine.

Glastar Product #P34181-04
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