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Glastar (B12) 12" Diamond Resin Pre-Polish Pad

Glastar (B12) 12" Diamond Resin Pre-Polish Pad
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12" Diamond Resin Pad for use with the Diamond Disc Grinder (B12)

These newly developed diamond pads are the most important advancement in glass polishing in the last 20 years. They are much faster than cork or synthetic wheels for two reasons. First, they run at the same high speed as a diamond disc. Secondly, the fine finish they produce means less time spent on final polish.
The pad is composed of fine diamonds embedded in a resin basemounted on a flexible backing. A pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied to the backing. When the pad is worn, peel it off the mounting disc and replace with a new one. These resin diamond pads do not last as long as nickel bonded diamonds, however, they are considerably less expensive. The pad can be applied to the bottom side of a diamond disc and then turned upside down to polish. This allows those who only do straight edges or outside curves (convex surfaces), such as hot glass workers, to use their flat lapping plates for polishing. They can also be applied to a magnetic pad and then mounted on a steel plate for rapid changes. Water or coolant must be used on the pads. They come without a mounting hole.

Each pad requires a 12" Blank Steel Disc for attachment to the magnetic holder on the machine.

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