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Glastar (B4RV) Studio Beveling System

Glastar (B4RV) Studio Beveling System
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Glastar B4RV Studio Beveling System includes an 8" Diamond Disc Grinder (Model B4), featuring a 1/3 HP variable speed industrial quality motor. For Hand-Beveling, Cold-Glass Working and Lapidary, grinding discs are the faster way to grind and polish your projects. Magnetic disc holders keep the pads in place and take only seconds to change out. Speed is adjustable from 1725 RPM to zero by just turning a knob. The variable speed motor produces a constant torque and includes current limiting to protect both the motor and the controller.  Available with 115V or 230V motors with appropriate plugs for locations around the globe (select below). 

  • Magnetic Disc Holder
  • 1/3 HP Variable Speed Motor
  • Splash Guard
  • Adjustable Coolant System
  • Rugged Construction
  • Variety of diamond grit and polishing pads are available
  • Model B4 Diamond Disc Grinder with 1/3 HP Variable Speed Motor (P33369)
  • One 8" 120 Grit Diamond Shaping Pad (P34002)
  • One 8" 400 Grit Diamond Smoothing Pad (P34004)
  • One 8" Diamond Resin Pre-Polish Pad (P33925)
  • One 8" Polyester Felt Polishing Pad (P34181-02)
  • Four 8" Steel Disc (P33986) 
  • Recirculating Pump System (P33224)
  • Cerium Oxide, 10 lbs. (P35201-10)
  • EZ Grind Coolant, 1 gallon (P35215)
NOTE: These machines are assembled upon order and ship directly from the manufacturer; please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Unavailable as of 10/18/21
Manufacturer Glastar Corporation
Glastar Model # B4RV
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