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Glastar Radius Diamond Wheels 8"x1-1/2"

Glastar Radius Diamond Wheels 8"x1-1/2"
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Glastar’s Radius Diamond Wheels are meant for grinding hard materials such as glass, fiberglass, ceramics, marble, granite, limestone, composites and some plastics. They are particularly well suited for glass beveling, cold glass working and lapidary. Production will be increased tremendously using diamonds because of the higher shaft speeds possible and because diamonds are far more aggressive than stones. Glastar's reputation for the "best" in glass working equipment means the ultimate in long life diamond products.

These wheels use nickel to bond the diamonds.  The “radiused” surface of these grinding wheels permit high visibility at the point of contact with the work piece allowing precise control of the cutting outline. It can be used to shape a concave depression in the work piece.

Radius wheels are very popular with hot glass artists for removing punty marks.

These are 8" x 1-1/2" wheels.

The hole diameter is 1" and bushings are furnished for 3/4", 5/8" and 1/2" shaft sizes.

Unavailable as of 10/18/21

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