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Morton Mini Surface Plus (2 pk)

Morton Mini Surface Plus (2 pk)
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All New Morton Grid Glass Cutting Surface – The Mini Surface Plus!

Morton’s newly redesigned boards assemble easily with an interlocking tab system, which will enable the user to build an endless amount of sizes to suit their needs. It is 100% compatible with Morton’s past and present glass cutting products.

This is a versatile tool that every glass artist should have in their studio.  This cutting surface keeps your work space safe and clean by allowing glass slivers to fall into the grid cells below, away from your hands. Flip the cutting surface over and you have a tracing surface for pattern pieces.

The SS02P is a pack of two extra sturdy white plastic panels that interlock to make the Mini Surface Plus. Each panel measures 11.25"x15.75"; using both panels snapped together creates a grid surface that measures 15.75" x 22.50".   

A Maxi surface can be created by snapping together two packs of the Mini Surface Plus, giving a grid surface that measures 22.50" x 31.50".

1/25/21 Currently unavailable from the manufacturer.  Please consider the WAFFLE GRID as a substitute.  Thw Waffle Grid has a very similar 1/2" grid and it works with the Morton components.

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