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Gemini Taurus 3 Mega Blade

Gemini Taurus 3 Mega Blade
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For dense materials. Because of its “tear drop” shape, the Mega Blade is the strongest wire blade ever. This blade is used differently than the omni-directional blades. It is cuts mainly on the front and back, so to create a curve you will guide the material around the blade.

The Mega blade is so rigid that it has the ability to damage the saw itself if used improperly by pushing too hard. So keep in mind the “golden rule” to let the saw do the cutting and do not force the material.

Blade Shape tear drop
Kerf 0.072 inches
Normal Uses fused glass, stained glass, ceramic tile or stone
Blade Life 50-100 hours
Manufacturer Gemini Saw Company
Gemini Part Number 1045
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