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Gemini Taurus 3 Super Slicer

Gemini Taurus 3 Super Slicer
Ram: material is attached to this piece in order to be perfectly sliced.Base: attaches to the work surface to provide a runway for the Ram. Also provided  with the base are two removable pins that, when removed, the base can be used on any work surface without a grid.Double Sided Tape Strips: used to attach material to the Ram.Rubber Bands: color coded for size and can also be used in addition to the Double Sided Tape Strips to attach material to the Ram for added stability.Reliably cut slices as thin as 1/16".Pattern bar bowl from "Contemporary Warm Glass"
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Gemini’s Super Slicer securely holds pattern bars, cane, rods, and other small pieces of material. It guides these materials into the saw blade in repetitive, perfectly parallel passes allowing you to make uniform slices in any material. The Super Slicer was intended for use with Gemini’s line of Taurus Ring Saws, but it can be easily adapted for use on other ring saws and band saws as long as the saw blade will pass through the Super Slicer’s ribs.

Use it with Gemini’s Super Slicer Blade on the Taurus 3 Ring Saw to get the most out of your material. The ultra thin Super Slicer Blade has the smallest kerf of any saw blade = less glass wasted!

Key Features of The Super Slicer:

  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Comes complete, with all supplies needed to get cutting right away
  • Reliably makes straight cuts as thin as 1/16”
  • Works with any kind of material
  • Works on most glass ring saws and band saws from all manufacturers

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