To remove a stuck grinder bit, you'll need to get a gear puller.  This is a common automotive tool and will certainly be available at your local auto parts store.  You want the adjustable version because the grinder bit is only 1" or 3/4" diameter and the rigid gear pullers have jaws set wider than that.  Remove the work surface and set the gear puller over the top of your stuck grinder bit with the legs clamping under the bottom edge of the grinder bit.  With the center set screw set on the top of the shaft of your grinder, turn the set screw to pull the grinder bit straight up the shaft.  It is very important not to attempt to pry the grinder bit loose as that may bend the shaft and ruin your machine.

Be sure to ask the auto parts store clerk about a "loaner" gear puller before you purchase one.  They often have one on-hand that they will loan to you for a day or two with a deposit, then refund the deposit when you return the tool!

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