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Gemini Apollo Ring Saw "Tile Set-Up" Kit

Gemini Apollo Ring Saw "Tile Set-Up" Kit
6" Rigid Sintered Ring Blade Cartridge Assembly - Standard6" Double-Sided Sintered Ring Blade Cartridge Assembly - Standard
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The new Apollo Ring Saw from Gemini easily cuts through thick pieces of ceramic tile, engineered and natural stone, marble, granite, glass, non-ferrous metals, acrylic, Plexiglas and other materials up to 3 inches thick. It features a whisper quiet heavy duty motor which runs at a much slower RPM than the average wet saw but with far more torque, giving the user a much higher quality cut with far less chipping and in some cases superior blade life. The Apollo Ring Saw uses patented easily interchangeable cartridges to house a full range of wire ring blades, hollow sintered blades and solid sintered blades for a variety of cutting configurations. Pick the blade that best suits your project; from tight intricate cuts to gentle radiuses to fast straight lines = the Apollo Ring Saw can do them all!

Key Features:

  • Has 10 times more power (torque) of standard tile saws!
  • Slice materials up to 3" thick with precision!
  • Cut perfect diagonals up to 16” long!
  • Blade changes are easily performed with the introduction of removable blade cartridges:
  • The wire ring cartridge firmly houses Taurus 3 electroplated wire ring blades for extreme detail and omnidirectional cutting
  • The sintered ring blade cartridge houses Gemini’s unique hollow double-sided sintered ring blades which have no center, giving you the ability to cut intricate designs, backwards and forwards, with tight radius cuts as small as 1/2"
  • The rigid ring blade cartridge houses rigid sintered ring blades for aggressive straight cuts in all materials
  • INLCUDES Gemini Apollo Ring Saw (item no. GEM-1100) with slide tray, two (2) 45° magnetic angle brackets for diagonal and miter cuts, instruction manual and replacement magnetic filter
  • PLUS a Standard 6" Double-Sided Sintered Ring Blade Cartridge assembly (item no.GEM-0707A) for cutting curves in tiles
  • PLUS a Standard 6" Rigid Ring Blade Cartridge assembly (item no.GEM-0728A) for straight tile cutting
  • Additional blade cartridges, blades, replacement grommets and other accessories are each sold separately
  • Heavy duty yet portable and light enough for one person to carry
  • Endless length and width capability
  • Completely self-contained water bath, so no water pump is needed
  • Full Two Year manufacturer warranty (excludes wear parts, such as blades, grommets and drive belt, etc.)
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